Our Story

   50 Years of Brewing Filter Coffee   

The Mother Mirra Goup of Companies was founded by Mr. S. Subramanian. The Mother Mirra Group are devotes of the divine mother in Pondicherry. Mirra’s is a new venture of the Mother Mirra Group of Companies. We feel proud to inform you that Mirras coffee is from the house of the first Asian planter in Asia. While only britishers and Scottish people owned estates in Asia, Virakesari plantations, Malaysia was the first to be owned by an Asian. Mother Mirra Group of Companies have more than 50 years of coffee passion and all our plantations are named as Mother Mirra Coffee Plantations (P) Ltd. We specialise in Filter Coffee Powder wholesale apart from retail. 

How it all Started

Chettiar was born on 21 September 1901 in Avanipatti, a village in Tamil Nadu's Sivaganga district. In his early 20s, he decided to leave the Sivaganga district, where his father was a wealthy local businessman, in order to explore new territories. He traveled to British Ceylon (modern-day Sri Lanka), where he saw the conditions of the Indian plantation workers for whom he decided to promote justice and equality by establishing a newspaper. Chettiar established a newspaper in 1930 and named it Virakesari, meaning "victorious lion". The first edition was published on 6 August 1930 in Colombo. This is where the plantation journey for Chettiar began. He established plantations in Gelang Patah, Malacca, which was the first Asia plantation to be owned by an Asian in Mallaca (Malaysia). Veerakesari Plantations Malaysia was the first to be owned by an Asian in Asia.

Mr. PPR Subramanian Chettiar

Introduction to Skandapuri Plantations

Later his Son Mr. SP. Sundarakesari took over business and established plantations at the Sundigupa village in the Coorg district of India. He named the plantation Skandapuri Plantations. Mr. SP. Sundarakesari did his pg in economics and history. He was also the Honorary Corespondent for over two decades in Muthiah Alagappa School, Karaikudi. He was also the President of rotary club of karaikudi in 1992.

Mr. S. P. Sundarakesari

Intoduction to Mother Mirra Coffee Plantations (P)Ltd

Following the footsteps of the founder Mr. PPR Subramanian Chettiar his Grandson Mr. S.Subramanian established coffee plantations in 2005 at the Coorg and Sakleshpur districts of India and named them Mother Mirra Coffee Plantations (P)Ltd. Mr. S. Subramanian served as the president of the Rotary club of Coimbatore and he was also the Assistant governor of RI district 3201. He was also the president of the football association of the Sivagangai district in 1991. He has multiplied the business into various folds and has made the Mother Mirra Group of Companies one of its kind.

Mr. S. Subramanian

Intoduction to Retail Branding & Export

His Son Mr. Sundar Subramaniam who completed his B.E at PSG College of Engineering and technology, Coimbatore pursued his Masters in Business Administration at Cornell Institute of business and technology in Auckland, New Zealand. Mr. Sundar Subramaniam decided to diversify into retail coffee branding to expand the business empire of The Mother Mirra Group. 
With Coffee running in the blood lines of the Virakesari family the Mother Mirra Group proudly presents to you ‘Mirras’ from the house of the first asian planter.

Mr. Sundar Subramaniam